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Did you know that as a Community Member, you can take Cal Poly classes without being a matriculated Cal Poly student? Try a new field or update your skills. Undergraduate classes are $259/unit and graduate level classes are $289/unit. Click here to see all the details.

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Interested in drawing and/or painting? Perhaps gain more knowledge about brewing craft beer? Consider our new classes coming out in Summer 2017: How to Paint Water & Reflections and Craft Brewing!

Learning How to Paint Water & Reflections of objects or subjects is an important part of many landscape, seascape and still life painting compositions. You will discover the fundamentals of how subjects are reflected in the various types of flowing and still water situations and also in shiny or reflective surfaces. How to approach painting these various reflections and the color mixtures necessary for painting these effects will be demonstrated.

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Craft Brewing, a movement born here in California, now has nearly 700 craft breweries in operation across the state. Craft brew sales have steadily risen the last five years and show no sign of slowing. Whether you’re a seasoned beer enthusiast or a daring novice looking to push your beer boundaries, Cal Poly offers you an array of courses to tap into the popular world of craft beer and see why it’s here to stay.

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