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Did you read "On the Road"? Don't miss the upcoming series on Central Coast writers. There are three in the series on Kerouac, Miller and Huxley. Look below for details and the registration link for the first in the series on Kerouac. Class begins on February 27.

Central Coast Writers and the Literature of Personal Development

Through lectures, discussions, and the reading of excerpts, we will examine the best that has been thought and said by the West Coast artists of personal growth and liberation.  The goal is to throw light upon the relevance of their work to our own lives and to the originality inherent in our own contemporary experiences.  In a world, increasingly divided “into tiny colonies of the saved,” the visionary literature of the Central Coast can serve as a healthy antidote to the dispiriting stereotypes of our age—while deepening our ties to the land, our community, and one another. 

This class will meet on Tuesday, February 27, March 6, and April 10 from 6:10-8:00PM

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Cheese Making: A European and American Tasting Adventure

Come and experience the taste of European cheeses and their American equivalents. You will learn about the history of cheese and the various methods of manufacture within the cheesemaking industry. Participants will make Gouda cheese in the Cal Poly dairy plant and gain the knowledge to become introductory cheese makers.   
Class will be held Saturday, April 28, 9 a.m. - noon.

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